Ideas to help reconnect kids and their families with nature (and free range play), and reduce screen time.


Become a Kiwi Guardian

An activity programme for kids to learn about nature, earn cool rewards, and go on epic family adventures!

  • Get out and explore New Zealand with your kids.
  • Take part in an activity or take action in your local area.
  • Find the Guardian Post at each location to earn a Kiwi Guardian medal!

Help us create future guardians of New Zealand – Toyota Kiwi Guardians.

Discover an adventure near you!


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Early Childcare Centres who run nature walk programs

  • Kaikorai Kindergarten
  • Rotary Park Kindergarten
  • Anderson’s Bay Community Kindergarten
  • Halfway Bush Kindergarten
  • Te Pā (The University Childcare Centre)
  • Flippers Early Childhood


Kiwi Conservation Club

For over 20 years, Kiwi Conservation Club (KCC) has been teaching kiwi kids about New Zealand’s amazing wildlife and wild places.

KCC now has over 5,000 members throughout New Zealand who receive our Wild Things magazine.  The magazine includes topics like wild rivers, marine reserves, and worms fun for kids using a range of articles, cartoons, games & even plays!

In most places around New Zealand, volunteer KCC Coordinators also arrange adventures for members to explore their local beaches, forests, and everywhere in between.

Some clubs also get involved in local conservation projects like tree planting, creating lizard gardens, or making nesting boxes for little blue penguins.  Join in the fun and help us teach the next generation about protecting our wildlife and wild places.




Wild Time app

We love technology, but there are amazing connections to be found outside in nature.  So swap some screen time for some Wild Time.

Find time based activities for you and your kids to do on your doorstep. Choose how much time you have to spare, find a wild thing to do and get outside and do it.



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