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Privacy statement

Personal information is not collected on this site unless volunteered. If a personalized MoveMe account is created this indicates the volunteering of personal information to MoveMe.

Use and disclosure

Personal information that is provided through MoveMe is only used for the purposes that is was supplied, for directly related purposes or for other reasons permitted under the Privacy Act 1993

Personal information that is volunteered is not shared with others unless this is necessary for the purpose for which it is provided.

For more detailed information please refer to The Privacy Act 1993 and its amendments

The Privacy Act sets out 12 information privacy principles dealing with the collection, holding, use and disclosure of personal information, and the assigning of unique identifiers. The principles also give you a right to access information about yourself and to ask for it to be corrected. In outline the 12 principals are:

  1. Purpose of collection of personal information.
  2. Source of personal information.
  3. Collection of information from subject.
  4. Manner of collection of personal information.
  5. Storage and Security of personal information.
  6. Access to personal information.
  7. Correction of personal information.
  8. Accuracy, etc., of personal information to be checked before use.
  9. Agency not to keep personal information for longer than necessary.
  10. Limits on use of personal information.
  11. Limits on disclosure of personal information.
  12. Unique identifiers.


If you believe a website may have breached the Privacy Act, you can call the Privacy Commissioner’s privacy hotline: 0800 803 909