About MoveMe

MoveMe hopes to significantly increase the number of people in Dunedin leading active, healthy and enjoyable lives.

The primary targets for this campaign are young adults through to older adults who are not regularly active, but have the intention of becoming more active.

The main objective of this campaign is to increase Dunedin peoples’ awareness of and participation in physical activity.

Getting Dunedin Active

MoveMe is a Getting Dunedin Active initiative.

Getting Dunedin Active was developed in 2007 as Dunedin’s Physical Activity Strategy and is now being implemented by a cross section of our city’s physical activity focused organisations.

The strategy aims to help local physical activity focused organisations, encourage the people of Dunedin to get more active. The strategy was developed with assistance from Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC).

Our Vision

Our vision is to help all Dunedin residents to live active, healthy and enjoyable lifestyles

Our goals are to:

  1. Create urban and rural environments that foster more active lifestyles for all Dunedin residents
  2. Ensure that all Dunedin residents understand the enjoyment and benefits of being physically active and how they can access these opportunities
  3. Ensure efficient collaboration between the organisations involved in promoting, delivering and researching physical activity
  4. Improve the capability of organisations that facilitate and deliver physical activity opportunities
  5. Develop more active lifestyles for our future generations

Our plan

We developed a plan of attack, detailing our goals and the specific actions we needed to take to achieve each goal. It’s all going swimmingly so far and we are delighted that we have managed to achieve even more than we’d hoped in some areas!

The Getting Dunedin Active partners

Pacific Trust Otago

Pacific Trust Otago