Fuel Your Way To Being Smokefree

Are you ready to try and quit smoking so you can improve your health and put lots of dollars back into your own pocket?  Here’s a great reason to get started, you can ‘Fuel Your Way To Being Smokefree’.

All you have to do is:

  1. Visit the Smokefree South Facebook page www.facebook.com/SmokeFreeSouth/
  2. Like the page
  3. Private message the page to refer yourself to the Southern Stop Smoking Service, or call 0800 737 342 to make the referral, or text 027 685 4911 with your details.
  4. Then you’re automatically in the draw to win one of four $250 MTA vouchers!

The competition is managed by Public Health South staff and supported across the district by our three Smokefree Coalitions. The prizes are courtesy of the Cancer Society, WellSouth and Public Health South.

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