Recognise Your Successes

Are you doing enough activity?

  • If you don’t feel like you are getting any benefits from your activity it’s time to be honest with yourself.
  • Have you been doing as much activity as you need to get the benefits of improved well being? Remember, we’re aiming for 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity most days. You will only experience the health and fitness benefits of being more active, if you put the work in.
  • Is it time to re-evaluate the goal you set yourself? Was it too easy? Step it up to be more difficult.

Are you recognising the benefits you have gained?

  • Some benefits of physical activity, like increased fitness, weight loss and improved health can take a long time to occur, so if you are focused on one of these goals, it might feel like you are not achieving anything.
  • However there are other benefits that you should start experiencing straight away and it’s important to recognise these as significant milestones on your path to greater well-being.
  • Are you sleeping better on the days you are active? Do you feel less stressed and less mentally tired after you have done your 30 minutes of activity?
  • Instead of focusing constantly on the big long term benefits you hope to achieve, think about the benefits you are experiencing every time you are active. Try keeping a diary of how you feel before and after your activity so that you can see the real benefits you are achieving and appreciate better the progress you are making.

Make Activity A Priority

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