Re-Evaluate Your Activity Plan

Pick different, more enjoyable activities

  • If you are getting bored with your activity choices, change them for things that you do want to do. No one is saying you have to do the same boring thing day in day out. We’d rather you had fun.
  • There are lots of different activities on offer in Dunedin, or you might even find spicing things up as simple as changing the route you walk to work every day.

Be realistic about the time you have available

  • You may have been a bit overenthusiastic when you said that you could fit in 30 minutes of activity five days a week. Now you realize that three times a week is more realistic and that’s great, some activity is much better than no activity.
  • Better to plan three sessions of activity and achieve your goals, rather than be disappointed in yourself for not achieving a more ambitious plan.

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