Make Activity A Priority

Yes, life is busy, there are probably a million other things you should be doing. But the dishes can wait, and your partner can take the kids to football practice. Instead think back to your motivation for getting more active in the first place. You know it’s important for your quality of life, so here are some suggestions to help you prioritise time in your life to get active:

  • Write your activity times in your personal and work diary and let your colleagues know that you are busy being active so you can’t meet with them. Even better, encourage them to come along with you. Have a walking meeting!
  • Remember your champions are there to help you – get them to help you prioritise your time.
  • Have a regular time where you organise to meet a friend to do your activity together, or identify an exercise class that you don’t want to miss.
  • Check out one of our training plans to help you get started, they include walking, running, swimming and biking.

Green PrescriptionIf you want support in making activity a priority, Green Prescription can help. A Green Prescription is a written prescription from a GP or Practice Nurse for a person to get more active as part of his or her health management.

Re-evaluate Your Activity Plan

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