Making the movement habit stick

Did you know that “get fit” is one of the most commonly made (and broken) New Year’s resolutions? We’ve all heard the stats about how many resolutions we actually manage to keep; it seems we’re not so good at it! Well recently we heard of a new approach that we really like. Instead of the typical resolution, you assign a theme to your New Year. So if in 2016 you really want to create more active habits then your theme might be movement.  Movement then becomes your overarching intention, your way of being, you simply keep your theme in mind and allow your days to unfold from there. This can be a refreshing way to approach making a change, especially if you are tired of making the same resolution every year.

If you want to make movement your theme for 2016, we’re here to help. Here are our top three tips for getting the movement habit to stick:

1) Find something you enjoy

This is absolutely key. If you haven’t yet found a way you like to be active, then make that your first mission. Dedicate the first three months of this year to trying at least six activities you haven’t tried before. Do them at least twice. Keep going until you find something! See the MoveMe website for lots of ideas on how to be active.

2) Set goals that are within your reach

You didn’t get unfit overnight, so don’t expect to change it that quickly either. Start slowly and gradually progress. If you’re usually inactive then exercising twice a week for the first two weeks is enough. Add in another session each fortnight until you get to the level of exercising that you are aiming for.

You might want to set a long term goal too, perhaps to complete a beginners event later in the year. You can find local events on the MoveMe website and Facebook page, and if you sign up to our e-newsletter you’ll get a monthly update.

3) Plan

“I’m going to go swimming twice a week” is not specific enough. “I’ll go for a swim on Monday and Thursday” is better. If you’re serious about becoming more active, you have to schedule it in and make it happen. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a session, just do it the next day instead.

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