Green Prescription

If you are struggling to find the motivation to get out and get active, a Green Prescription could be exactly what you’re looking for. Run by Sport Otago, the Green Prescription programme is designed to kick-start your physical activity levels right away. Take a look at this short video to find out more:

You can join the Green Prescription programme in one of two ways; either by self-referring to the programme, or by getting a referral through your medical centre. Once the team at Sport Otago receive your referral, a Green Prescription Coordinator will contact you to arrange a consultation. The Coordinator will use this consultation to discuss your health goals, interests, current physical activity levels, and nutrition, and to help motivate and support you in developing and initiating an activity plan. Once you are underway with your plan, your Coordinator will give you a support call every month for up to 12 months to check on progress, and offer any further information or guidance you require.

Additionally, your Coordinator can connect you with local exercise providers in your area.  If you are based in Dunedin, they can also introduce you to other Green Prescription participants, by giving you the opportunity to take part in group activity sessions such as aqua jogging, indoor cycling, and the popular walking series. They can also offer you resistance circuit training placements, and can refer you to student dietitians for more specialised nutritional support.   

S O 4 colourTo self-refer to the programme and get started, click here. Otherwise you can contact your medical centre and ask your doctor or nurse to refer you.

For more information,please visit Sport Otago‘s website, or call 03 474 6369. 

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