Blog post – making and breaking habits

The body is seriously ouchy today. Yesterday I finally got back on the exercise wagon after a couple of months of not doing much, thanks to bug after winter bug. It feels so good to be well again and I am feeling super-motivated to up the ante over the next few months.

The amazing Deepak Chopra has recently coined the phrase ‘radical wellbeing’, which means extraordinary wellbeing, way beyond what we think is possible. Radical wellbeing, he says, is the wellness equivalent of being an elite athlete – in the case of wellbeing, this equates to long-term health, and not just in the physical sense of the word.

It’s an exciting concept, and having just read a book about what I can start to expect from my hormones now that I’m in my forties (oh joy) has proved real food for thought. While I’ve always looked after myself well, I’ve been less inclined to push myself really hard.

Subsequently, 6.15 yesterday morning saw me attempting press up variations, burpees and commando crawls (at the awesome Gina Miles Fitness).

I’ve never done strength training as such before, but everything I read is telling me it becomes more and more important with age, and there’s so much evidence around about the value of high intensity workouts too. Great news is that you can do both in one half hour class! I’m feeling committed to really see what level of fitness and strength I can achieve.

My break from swimming had a flow on effect to some of my other healthy habits, like a marked decrease in green smoothie breakfasts and alcohol free days, so I’m now back on track with those too. Now I just need someone to share a fail-proof method for drinking more water, which I fail miserably at. Care to share your best healthy habit? Email me at, and I’ll spread the ideas!


Ruth Zeinert is the Project Manager for Getting Dunedin Active, our city’s physical activity strategy. She is a registered physiotherapist with a background in community nutrition and public health. Getting Dunedin Active includes the MoveMe campaign,

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