Christmas gift ideas

If you’re stuck for gift ideas this Christmas, how about considering “active” presents? They don’t need to be expensive, water balloons or any size of ball will keep kids (and adults) running around the lawn for hours on a hot day. For adults, what about vouchers to try a Pilates or yoga class, or for a sports store? Frisbees, kites, and hula hoops can be fun for all, and pavement chalk is great for drawing targets or goals on the fence or concrete and creating your own competitions. Another (free) idea we love is making your own vouchers for family members to redeem when they choose. Here’s some ideas:
“This voucher entitles you to…….
…..choose the playground we visit today”
…..a half hour game of football with Dad”
…..a morning off to go biking”
There are lots of options with this one!

A voucher idea we think is truly fabulous present material, is a promise to spend some “wild time” outside with your child.

Merry Christmas everyone!



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