MoveMe Exercise Trial- Week 3

Just one more week left before the Star team have their fitness re-tested! The pressure is on…..let’s see how they’re doing…

Laura Hewson

I think of this week as being made up of two distinct parts – I call them Before being tripped by the tiny woman at Futsal and After being tripped by the tiny woman at Futsal.

The before part of the week was a success. Things finally seemed to be falling into place and the virtuous glow I’d gained from regular exercise had started to shine on other areas of my life – I was eating better, going to bed earlier and was even completing things on my historic To-do list. I was having a lot a lot of fun, which is how it needs to be for me to stay motivated. If it’s a choice between the stick or the carrot I’m definitely not a fan of the stick (I’m not much of a fan of the carrot either sadly).

And then came the Futsal incident. I didn’t actually have the ball but somehow my opponent with the low centre of gravity could sense that – despite all evidence to the contrary – I was about to get the ball and do something wonderful with it. I was taken down with a well-aimed foot trip and my potential for greatness was lost. As was all the skin on my knee and any rational thoughts I’d had in my head. Not cool.

So now I’ve completely stalled. My physio says I may have sprained something in my shoulder and I am definitely having issues with my knees. I can’t play sport this week and I can’t go to the pool till my knee has cleared up, which was my plan for doing something different this week.  I’m reminding myself that this is a long-term regime and not to get discouraged but it has made me question whether playing “social” sport is worth it, and judging by the low number of teams in the competition, I’m not alone.

My mission for next week is to think up some physical activities I can do with my current limitations and how I can avoid falling back into my old habits.

Samantha McPherson

I’ve been a bit of a lounge lizard this week. It was probably my worst week, exercise wise. Most of the time I just felt like snuggling up on the couch and doing nothing after work. But it is all about making time so I really did struggle with doing just that. I think the weather played a big part and I just didn’t really have a lot of motivation. I persevered and did a high intensity circuit which wasn’t too bad but I did find it a bit hard to keep going, which is why it is a good thing to do circuits with someone for motivation purposes. I also did a 45-minute zumba session and some abdominal work. I am starting to see the benefits of maintaining my exercise routine but it is not the easiest thing to keep going with. Damaging my knee has also put a big dent in my will to do anything because I am far too scared that I will make it worse. I went to the gym last Sunday and managed an upper body workout and a quiet 12km cycle. That was good. I also managed a 20 minute bout of zumba and some abdominal work. That was about it for me as I decided to spend more time resting this week. There’s nothing quite like it. Getting myself back into gear is a goal over the next couple of weeks as we prepare for our final fitness test. It is hard to not indulge in comfort food when the weather is not so good. So I should probably lay off the chocolate, chips and squiggles.

Jonathan Chilton-Towle


With just one more week left in the fitness trial, I’m getting a bit nervous that I might be the one who brings shame to The Star by not being fitter than I was four weeks ago.   I’m really hoping that when they test my fitness again next week it will show some kind of improvement.   With that in mind I have been ramping up my fitness efforts for a final push. I’ve managed to exceed the recommended 10,000 daily steps so far this week, helped in part by the lift at work being broken.   I have also continued to attend a historical fencing class on Monday, and been going for walks and cycle rides in my own time. This weekend I hope to use some of the vouchers MoveMe gave me to do some laps at the pool.   Do I feel fitter within myself? Maybe; it’s hard to tell. I guess we will see next week.

Dan Hutchinson

Taking a mid-winter break up north last week could have been disastrous for my fitness habits but fortunately the elements came to my rescue. Leaning at a 45 degree angle into a storm outside Auckland Airport was an excellent way to get a few bonus minutes of moderate exercise. Fortunately the weather cleared up after a day down at `The Mount’ and I got the first chance in a quite a few years to climb the famous Maunga. I was puffing a bit by the time we reached the top which I should feel guilty about _ after all, moderate exercise is not supposed to be painful.

In an attempt to maximise the good weather, my sister, brother in law and I decided to circumnavigate the mount as well _ total exercise of about 90 minutes. The benefits of a few walks on the beach were most likely taken care of by too many trips to cafes and the general low-key, do-as-you-please attitude that accompanies a few days off but still better than doing nothing.

Returning at the beginning of this week into the icy grips of another polar onslaught was tough. I have found that getting out for a walk is a great way to warm up and it staves off the winter chills when you get back to the house. Still, there is nothing fun about freezing, wind-blown icicles stinging the face so the walking has suffered lately.

Nevertheless, habits are forming and I still enjoy my walks most evenings. I have only used the elevator at work a couple of times over the last month _ usually just to catch a few words with someone. It will be interesting when we re-do all the tests this week and see if there are any improvements. Winter can be a harsh time on the body so even if I have made some slight improvements it will be better than the usual downhill winter slide.

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