MoveMe Exercise Trial

We’re really lucky in Dunedin to have some world class researchers on our doorstep, and even luckier to have them working with us! MoveMe has teamed up with the School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences, to undertake a four week trial comparing the experience and outcomes of a high intensity interval exercise regime, versus a moderate intensity regime.

Why are we doing this? High intensity interval training has been getting a lot of press lately, not least because you can get great results from doing very short workouts, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the sound of that? But we wanted to know if “real” people could cope with a high intensity regime, whether it was something they could sustain over time, and how it compared with what is usually recommended- the international guidelines of 150 or more minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week.

We’ve roped in four journalists from The Star, two of whom will be doing high intensity workouts over the next four weeks and two of whom will be doing moderate intensity workouts. We’ve measured their body mass, fat and muscle percentages, their fitness, strength, blood pressure and glucose tolerance. They’ve been given a protocol to follow over the next four weeks and they’ll be blogging weekly on our website and in The Star to tell us how they’re feeling. We’ll do all those measurements again at the end , and we’ll let you know the results!

Jonathan, Samantha, Laura and Dan - fresh faced and keen!

Jonathan, Samantha, Laura and Dan – fresh faced and keen!

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