Community Activity Maps

We want to show you how many opportunities there are for being active right on your doorstep, so MoveMe has an initiative under way to produce local activity maps for Dunedin suburbs.

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Brockville Community Map


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North East Valley Community Map


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Caversham Community Map


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Green Island Community Map


As well as developing maps for local suburbs, we also have 10 maps that have been developed in association with local kindergartens. The first of these maps was developed as a result of a partnership between Dunedin Kindergartens, Sport Otago and the Dunedin City Council. The Getting Dunedin Active partnership has now taken over the mantle, and continues to produce two of these each year.

The maps show loads of fun, active things for parents to do with their children in the vicinity of these kindys. Each kindy has chosen a theme for their map and added some extra novel ideas to help with exploring the area.

Here’s an idea—if you live near one of these kindys, why not print out the map and put it on your fridge? You could even laminate it for the kids to use as a placemat!

pdf icon Abbotsford Kindergarten Map DKACMYK52cdca8fe29a0.jpg

pdf icon Grants Braes Kindergarten Map

pdf icon Jonathan Rhodes Kindergarten Map

pdf icon Richard Hudson Kindergarten MapRoslyn Kindergarten Physical Activity Map

pdf icon Rotary Park Kindergarten Map

pdf icon Wakari Kindergarten Map

pdf icon Kaikorai Kindergarten Map

pdf icon Roslyn Kindergarten MapDunedin botanic garden

pdf icon St Kilda Kindergarten Map

pdf icon Concord Kindergarten Map

pdf icon Bayfield Kindergarten Map

pdf icon Halfway Bush Kindergarten Map

pdf icon St Clair Kindergarten

pdf icon Helen Deem Kindergarten





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